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[vote] 2015 golden age of the most popular team selection (two)

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Following yesterday after the introduction of the golden age of elite team with a link to the voting by the general membership and powder are concerned, and actively participate in the vote. Today, the golden age once again demonstrated the second batch of excellent team, to accept the selection. Come on, choose your favorite in the eyes of the elite team will live up to everyone's golden age! Love, let us fight for honor! - participate in the poll's store - a team: Take Koo two: Yongcheng Tianrun oasis branch team store team three: Kaifeng blue sky city team four: Luoyang Senna spring five: Huaian Hengda team store team six: Lanzhou Hengda team seven stores: 0607 Nanjing Hengda oasis branch team eight: Liuzhou Hengda Feitsui Vista team nine: Luoyang Hengda oasis Sports Center team ten: Shanxi Yuncheng Hengda store team Eleven: Liuzhou Jade Dragon Court team twelve: Red River Valley is beautiful fitness club team thirteen: Shanxi Yuncheng Hengda oasis branch team fourteen: Kaifeng City store olive team Fifteen: Yangquan Hengda Dili store team Sixteen: Nanning constant Oasis store team 17: Nanning Hengda City store team Eighteen: Datong, Shanxi Hengda oasis store team 19: Guangxi Beihai Hengda store team 20: Taiyuan Hengda Mingdu store the golden age of the national total of 70 more than the store, the above is only in this part of the store display. Voting portal